Box of 12 Quail Eggs

Box of 12 Quail Eggs


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One dozen boxed quail eggs.

Preparation suggestions

To boil quail eggs:

For best results, we recommend starting with your eggs at room temperature.
Ensure the water is boiling before lowering in the eggs and set a timer according to your preferred outcome
Runny = 2 mins
Soft boiled = 2.5 mins
Semi-set yolk = 3 mins
Hard boiled yolk = 3.5 mins

To peel your eggs:
• Place into icy water immediately after boiling.
• Once cool enough to handle, crack the shell at the fat end of the egg
• Once cracked, return the eggs to the ice bath
• Find the membrane, a paper-like substance that rests between the shell and the egg whites, and begin peeling it away. The shell should slip off with the membrane

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