Minute Steak

Minute Steak

Guide: 300g/each

Size: 300g/each
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Small pack of minute or sandwich steak, cut from lean topside

Preparation suggestions

Here’s our method for perfect minute steaks:
• Bring the steaks to room temperature, pat dry with kitchen roll
• Heat a heavy based griddle pan to medium high heat brush the meat with a little melted butter, dripping or bacon fat and season with salt and pepper, warm a plate.
• Press the minute steak onto the pan and sizzle for up to 20 seconds a side, ( to cook any longer will result in shoe leather)
• Remove to warm plate and let it rest for 5 minutes. Enjoy in a sandwich or with a plate of veg.

The images in our online shop and weight options are indicative. Our animals are not a uniform size, and there is variation in the level of marbling and fat cover in our beef and lamb. As a result, we cannot guarantee the meat you receive will look exactly like the photograph, and sometimes it’s not possible to achieve the higher weights, particularly of steaks. You will only be charged for the weight of meat supplied.